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Walking and hiking

Through woods, meadows and pastures

How exciting it is to walk through woods and meadows, enjoying natural peace and silence. What a pleasure to get lost in the maze of panoramic trails in order to find the way towards yourself and towards your inner harmony.

Those who are fond of multi-day trekking in the Dolomites, hiking from one mountain hut to another, will find the Alpine Hut Pralongià on the High Route of Alta Badia and on the Dolomites High Route No. 9 (also called Transversal, because it crosses the Dolomites horizontally).

Those who prefer short and less challenging walks, will appreciate the plateau of Pralongià for the access facilitated by the summer mountain lifts of Alta Badia and for the relatively easy trails, that don't cause any particular difficulties even for a walk with a baby-stroller, offering, at the same time, fabulous views over the surrounding Dolomites. That's why Pralongià is a popular destination for hikes from Corvara, La Villa and San Cassiano. But it is also a great starting point for those who would like to proceed and for the guests of the rooms and dorms of the Alpine Hut Pralongià in Alta Badia. The most beautiful routes? Here are some of them...

Pralongià – Settsass Hike

The peak of Settsass can be reached from the Alpine Hut Pralongià along trail No. 23 that gently climbs among Alpine pastures and rocky areas. The estimated hike duration is about 2 hours. As you arrive at the mountain top (2571 m a.s.l.), all that remains is to relax and contemplate the amazing 360-degree panorama of the Dolomites.

Pralongià – Col di Lana Hike

In addition to the beauty of its landscapes, Col di Lana is also known for its role in the First World War. It turned to be the place of the most fierce fighting on the entire battlefront of the Dolomites. In April 1916 the Italian Army exploded a giant mine, blowing up the whole peak of Col di Lana, in order to get rid of an Austrian military post. Nowadays you can find there a small church commemorating the victims. Col di Lana can be reached from the Alpine Hut Pralongià following, at first, trail No. 23 that winds at the foot of the south face of Settsass. At the Sief Saddle you should turn to trail No. 21/a that leads to the top of Col di Lana. A part of the trail passes inside the Austrian trenches that have been recently restored. The hike to the top (2571 m a.s.l.) will take you about 3 hours.

Pralongià – Valparola Pass Hike

The hike takes place on trails No. 23 and No. 24, which can be combined for creating a magnificent circle route around Mount Settsass. Enjoying breath-taking views, you will cross meadows and pastures, larch and pine woods, reaching the picturesque lake of Valparola, located on the Valparola Pass. The estimated hike duration is about 2 hours (one way).

Pralongià – Campolongo Pass Hike

This trail passes through the woods of Cherz, where it's not rare to encounter deer, roe deer, hares, squirrels and other animals of the Dolomites in their natural habitat. Starting from the Alpine Hut Pralongià, follow trail No. 24 towards Rifugio Marmotta. At the crossroads, turn left and follow trail 3, heading into the woods (the Hunters' Trail). The estimated hike duration is about 1 h. 30 min. (one way).